August In a Nutshell…

August was such a whirlwind. I was able to teach a lot of yoga and reconnect myself to my personal practice, but I seemed to have a lot of commitments going on. Now September is already here and it seems like I have another busy month! 😊 Before jumping into another crazy month I want to recap some favourites from August.

Lily-Rose and I at Botanic Park in St.Albert – photo cred to Gillian

Food: I have made several healthy snacks lately and they are husband and baby approved in our house. I tried my hand at homemade granola bars and no-bake energy balls. Yum! 

Music: I have been into the more soulful, songwriter stuff lately. I am bumping Ria Mae and Birdy a lot lately. I can get my fix more often lately, especially having my headphones in as I get work done, since my husband is NOT a fan of all my eclectic tastes in music. 😀

Movies: I was able to get out for a movie date with my girlfriend and watch Bad Moms. It was hilarious and I loved the time out of the house as well as the comedic relief. 

Books: I am reading Wanderlust and Aim True. Both books are a great read and have been my inspiration to reset my personal yoga and meditation practice. These books are pushing me to focus on my goals with more gusto. 

Clothes: I bought a flannel shirt from Costco that I am in LOVE with 😉 Fall is at our heels and I am preparing for tall boots, leggings and my cozy flannel. 

Activities: We were able to visit the Fringe Festival this year with Lily and my family. It was a great atmosphere and I love that it is right by the Strathcona farmer’s market. Two in one for the day. I was also teaching yoga in the park and prenatal private lessons all month which kept me busy. Lily likes to tag along every so often. I love that she can join me; it is a special feeling to have her accompany me as I do something I love.

Liviu with our daughter and Memere

Wishlist: I am planning/saving for a family trip in the winter. My husband and I have things we want to complete around the house before we spend funds on a trip.  I see this as an opportunity for me to get strict on the budget to fit this into our plans! 

Goals and planning are important when checking things off the Wishlist. What are some of your Septmeber goals? Any good strategies for planning and saving?


Summer Loving…

Summer is my favourite season. I am happiest outside in the sun. I try to teach my daughter to be active and get outside too. We are keeping busy this season visiting family and friends, going to festivals (we do live next to the city of festivals), and being active (mostly outdoors). 

Walked almost 15km – heritage days and Sunday scenic route 🙂

Teaching yoga in the Park and sometimes baby has to be part of it. She has literally grown up teaching yoga with her mama.

It’s our family routine on the weekends to walk for some coffee and/or breakfast. I enjoy these family moments and love having something for Lily-Rose to look forward to. 🙂 I am happy knowing it’s great family time; outside with the sunshine and gets us all active. We usually walk a good 5km in the mornings.

Another month or so left of good summer weather, but I know I love fall almost as much. But I am taking the time to live it up for the rest of the season. 😀

April Goals!


I know a lot of people do this, they set goals for every week, month, year, etc. I am going to start doing monthly goals. Sharing them here will be more of an incentive to keep myself accountable.


  1. Get outside as much as we can, at least twice a week; go for walks and bike rides! (We just bought a used Chariot that we need to put to use!)
  2. Practice minimum of 20 minutes of yoga daily (I teach 2-3 times a week but it is not the same as personal practice).
  3. Have one evening to myself with no husband or baby :0
  4. Finish reading at least one of the 10 books I started.
  5. Start saving money! (We have a few things we want to get done to the house AND a trip in November)

I think I will start with five goals, as that seems attainable. Does anyone else do monthly goals? I did some last month and I found it was helpful, and sharing it here I hope it motivates me even more!

A Snapshot of Today


My baby girl is nine months old!!!!….I know everyone says time flies but seriously?!!! I try to take every day in and absorb it but some days are crazier than others. Each week I look back and I cannot believe how quickly it flew by. I will be starting work in less than three months!! This time with my daughter is precious and soon enough we will be celebrating her first birthday. Just last week she learned to climb up the stairs…and once she figured out one stair she almost climbed to the top (we enticed her with items she wanted to play with – lol it was tissue paper and epsom salts I just bought…go figure). Each day is an adventure and I love watching her learn the world around her.


We just celebrated Easter this past weekend and it was obviously Lily-Rose’s first so we did not go too crazy. Enjoyed some time with our family and it was lovely.  holidays like these I think “oh my god next year we will be….” and I fill it in with various activities that we can do next year with a toddler. I know today is important but when it goes by so quickly my mind thinks about tomorrow; it is a terrible habit but it is human nature.


If I could write a note to my daughter today I would sum up these last nine months as being such a special time in my life.

“Every small accomplishment I have seen you take has been a privilege to witness. You make me a better person; I am stronger because I am your mama. Yet, I have never felt such vulnerability, as I do when I think about all the love that I have for you in my heart. You are both a cause of great strength and weakness in my life and I would not change this feeling for all the money in the world.” – Lily-Rose’s Mama


Until next time….xoxo

How do we take the unwanted advice we get on raising our children?

We should never feel guilty about the decisions we make about our children :)
We should never feel guilty about the decisions we make for our children 🙂

How do we take the unwanted advice we get on raising our children?  We had a baby, we are strong but when someone challenges the way we raise our children we get so defensive and occasionally angry. The journey through motherhood is tough. I say this with sincerity and not to have any sympathy but only to shine light on the challenges of motherhood. There are many obstacles to being a mother; figuring out how to keep our babies alive is basic, we also have to juggle a home and a family, a career, make choices on what they eat, where they go to school, the list goes on and on. Bottom line is we impact our childrens’ lives in so many ways just from the decisions we make every day.

As mothers we don’t always know what to do, but we learn, we listen and we discover for ourselves what works for our children. I believe that since we grew our children in our bodies, carried them for 9 whole months and brought them into this world, we must have some basic intuition specific to our childrens’ needs…something that makes us different from one mom to the next. It is challenging though to take in everyone’s ideas on what worked for them and their children. From the beginning we get advice from strangers, friends and family; whether we want it or not, the moment we announce we are expecting. I love learning and I embrace opinions and knowledge, but people are pushy about their opinions and almost rude at times. This is amplified when the topic of pregnancy and children is brought up! I have cried many tears from shear frustration regarding pushy, guilt-ridden, unwanted advice. It is tough enough making daily decisions for this tiny human you have created, but then to feel like you are making poor choices, it is crushing at times. I know advice is naturally needed but sometimes a woman just wants to vent and not have you judge her afterwards. When someone judges the way you are choosing to raise your child you are devastated. Sometimes people honestly don’t know that they are doing it. There are people in your life that want what is best for you and you children, but they can be very demeaning about the advice they give. They can really push you to do things they way they did them.

I believe as mother's we have an intuition for what our children need.
I believe as mother’s we have an intuition for what our children need.

Ok, I am hippie-like in some of the ways I live but I would NEVER jeopardize my child’s well-being. Yes, I would rather try natural remedies before resorting to pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic by-products any day. Am I a bad parent? Am I making poor choices? I might be making some people think so. I do my research and I make educated decisions with my husband about what we want to do for our child. We may choose not to give formula and that is our prerogative. I am up more at night than I want to be right now, but this is how I am choosing to do things right now.   My intuition counts for something as a mother.

I have a can of formula on my counter right now and sterilized bottles waiting and it doesn’t sit well with me. I know the pros and cons of formula. I don’t have any objections if other mothers want to use formula….it is your child and you do what works for you. But, I know our little girl is not lacking in nutrition and she eats solid food, so I know she is full. She just wants the boob. She loves the comfort. We tried a soother on and off in her early weeks….she never wanted it. As her mother, not the mother of your children, I believe she has her own likes and dislikes even if she can’t talk. I will not be able to give her everything she wants in life and I will say “no” to her more than she will like; so when I can give her small things, like the boob, I will. I know a soother is easier. A bottle is easier. I know I bitched about lack of sleep today as she is sick and in need of comfort more, but it is a small price to pay right now. I just bitched to let off some steam (as we all do about anything that gets to us). I don’t particularly need any advice because what I am doing feels right. But what I wish we would all do with unwanted advice is to listen and not be bothered by it…but that isn’t what usually happens. I myself get upset and I take it personally when someone tries to tell me what I should do. What I would like is to remind myself to appreciate that there are different parenting styles and we all have our own choices to make. I really do appreciate the different ways you choose to raise your child I just might not want to hear it.

How do we take the unwanted advice we get on raising our children? We allow mamas to do their own thing (as long as the child is healthy) because I believe it is a mother’s right to raise our children as we see fit. We still want to have suggestions but have RESPECT for each others unique way. Have a POSITIVE response and give room to say “no” if we want to. Your way is not better than mine and my way is not better than yours. I do not want this to be a negative post. I want this to be fuel for other mothers, young and old, to respect each other. To allow each of us to make our own journey through motherhood….beside each other and not stepping on each other to make our own path.

We need to respect everyone's different styles of parenting and lift each other up!
We need to respect everyone’s different styles of parenting and lift each other up!



When You Are Ready…Get A Life!

Ice Castles #yeg

I mean this with the best intentions and not with any negativity, but it is important to GET A LIFE! As a mother you need to get out and be social; by yourself, with friends and other mothers if you can. I am a social person and so I crave the interactions with others. I understand that everyone is not as social as me, but getting out is beneficial for a mother’s mental health and as a bonus your child is socialized too! I know that it is nice to be at home where the environment is controlled and we feel safe but it is healthy to get out. It might just be for a walk around the block, a date at the swimming pool or coffee shop or maybe a new adventure….just step outside the walls of the house. 🙂

I understand the comfort of the home. It is a easier to be a mom inside the walls of our home, but it builds confidence to step outside with our child or children (better practice if more than one :P). I know that breastfeeding in public can cause some women to be anxious, having a screaming child is no fun in public, and the list goes on…. and that is ok, but you will only get more confident stepping outside the home. You don’t have to get out everyday, that would become too hectic…once a week, once every few weeks…you know what works for you.

Easier said than done, this adage is perfect for all us mamas. BUT, practice makes perfect. And the rewards are worth the trouble. If you are not ready at first that is ok, that it slow with something simple like a walk or hike on the trails. But don’t stop there. It has saved my mental health to get out and have fun with and without my little one in tow.

Got to have some fun while out and about. :)
Got to have some fun while out and about. 🙂

My husband and I had our first “date”, since Lily-Rose was born, this Valentine’s Day! It was great to have some time out without the baby. Sure we texted my mom several times to make sure everything was ok, but it was such a good experience to be a couple again. She is 7 1/2 months old so we did wait a while to get out alone but we take her everywhere with us. We decided to wait this long because it is what felt right to us and I think you should follow your intuition. I have no shortage of weekly outings with my baby, we just waited until now to have her babysat. When you are ready, then get a life. Get out and have some fun with your little one and others in your life.

Out to see our favorite folk singer when she was 1 1/2 months.
Out to see our favorite folk singer when she was 1 1/2 months.
This winter a stroll around the block. She was all smiles the whole time.
This winter a stroll around the block. She was all smiles the whole time.


Striking Balance in our Lives: Time Out!

As mothers, wives, daughters….we juggle so many responsibilities and expectations. It is important to find balance in our lives. I know it can be challenging to do it all; work, cook, clean, take care of our families, friends, maybe fitting in a workout and then trying to relax?! We need to take a time out!

Creating my own spa day @ home - budget approved! ;)
Creating my own spa day @ home – budget approved! 😉

I love to be busy, that is just my personality; but it is not always good and it is not always productive. After all, if you take on too much, the weight of it all starts to slow you down. As a mother, I have made a conscious effort to find more balance in my life. I try to take a time out, however small, each day…..after all I am now I role model and teacher to my little one. If I am stressed out and too busy for the little things…what will that teacher her?

Honestly, for me relaxing is sometimes the hardest part of my day! I have inherited this lovely trait from my father…or did I learn it? It really doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that I work on getting better at it. Yoga was a huge eye opener for me and it pushed me to live more in my own skin, to learn how to relax, enjoy the moment and find balance in my life. Even though I practice yoga and teach it doesn’t mean that I don’t need a refresher every now and then….

Creative writing is one of my outlets
Creative writing is one of my outlets

I have learnt to take pleasure in the small things, and being present in the moment sure helps; but knowing what puts a smile on your face is as important. You need to find what makes you happy and relaxed, and for everyone that is different. You need to find your outlet.

I unwind most days with a bubble bath, creative writing (whether in a journal or this blog) and I try to practice yoga daily. Some days, I pull out the big guns and go for a massage or a pedicure; anything that gets me feeling a little more pampered than usual. Obviously, some days are more hectic than others and finding even a little time can be difficult, but no one said finding balance in your life was easy. If it was, everyone would feel great all the time and we wouldn’t have to concern ourselves with taking a break 😉

Taking a break to do my really is the small things!
Taking a break to do my nails…it really is the small things!

Moms need a time out. It took me a while not to feel guilty about this. Now, as a new mama I find that it is hard to take a pause; but even harder to avoid the guilt or to enjoy my time away. Today, was the first day I have had a professional massage without my little one….booking the appointment I felt guilty but I reassured myself I deserved this…nay I NEEDED this. I also had to trust that things at home would be ok in my absence.  End result: It was glorious! Dad and Lily-Rose survived just fine. And I came home a better mother, wife and happier in general.

Balance is about working hard and then taking time for yourself. We all need it so don’t feel guilty about it. Some days you might not have the luxury of taking break but work with what you have. If it means taking a nap when the baby is down and letting the dishes sit and the laundry pile, then so be it. For anyone who loves the busy life like I do, it is a challenge to do this, but it is really important for our sanity.  If you struggle with finding balance, just take it a day at a time and try not to let this be another item on your list. You might even have to ask for help…..but wherever you are IT IS OK! 🙂

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Hello, From the Other Side…


We all view motherhood in different ways, and it becomes something different to us all once we cross that proverbial bridge. I am the mother of a 7 month old baby girl so I am new to this journey of motherhood, but am I interested in sharing my story as it unfolds. As a bit of precursor I will tell you a little about myself…

I am 28 years young. I am a mother, wife and a certified yoga and meditation instructor. At the moment I mostly teach pre- and post-natal yoga but I do enjoy teaching a variety of hatha infused classes.  I am married to a wonderful man, who is more stubborn than I am (hard to imagine). We have a 3 year old goldendoodle named Ted, who loves long walks and cuddles on the floor, in addition to our beautiful daughter who just lights up our lives. I love to travel, and I could honestly eat my way around the world, my pallet knows no bounds. I enjoy having a glass or three of wine, a full bodied red is my preference. Writing is an outlet for me and I have been writing poetry on and off since early high school. I enjoy cooking and baking, and you can occasionally find me at my mother-in-laws learning to make a traditional Romanian, or other eastern European dish; or calling my own mother or Memere (French slang for Grandmother) for a family recipe. I love learning, about anything really, and I love a good book on my downtime. Perhaps you can get a sense of my dry humour from the title of this particular blog, and the fact that my name is Adelle….but I digress…..

I am creating this blog as a creative outlet to reflect my journey through motherhood as well as a wife and a woman because I am all of those things. But also, as a way to connect with other moms and to maybe learn or teach a few things.  My life isn’t particularly exciting but I know that there are so many things that we have to muck through as mothers, wives and women. I am writing to you now from the other side…

People often say “the grass isn’t any greener on the other side”, and this can be true for motherhood as well. I love my daughter to pieces and I love being her mother, but to say there are no challenges would be a lie. Being a mom is hard! But when I wasn’t a mom I still had challenges. So I am writing this entry today to say “hello, from the other side”. It is not greener over here but it does have its perks…as well as challenges. I also understand that my single friends or non-mama friends won’t see what I see…until they cross over. I always prefer to focus on the positive and I hope to explore these ups and downs with those reading. Being a mama is fulfilling in so many ways and I don’t regret accepting this position. Yesterday our little Lily-Rose learned to clap and my heart could have exploded…it is the little things that make the world of a difference and affirm how beautiful my life is. So, hello from this side of motherhood, and even though I am slightly sleep deprived I would never go back!